The seminar of Traditional AI KI DO-no BU Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® school.


13-14 October 2012, Poland.
The seminar of Traditional AI KI DO-no BU Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® school.
Seminar in Poland.

The seminar was organized by the Polish „Karate Budokai“ - „Polska Federacja Instytut Budokai Karate“ federation leaders: Grandmaster Soke Bogdan Puczynski and Grandmaster Shihan Artur Więzowski.

Bogdan Puczynski has previously been awarded the „Tenchi Bogyo Ryu“® Ai Ki Do-no Bu Komin Goshin Jutsu (civilian Ai Ki * self-defense system) 10 Dan (* Ai Ki – the connection of forces (your own and your opponent's) and the use of opponent's energy for the defense against his own attack).

For the masters Bogdan and Artur Grandmaster Soke Lisicynas awarded the international system international medals "For Merits" promoting "Specnaz Global" system. Other organizers were awarded with "LTAF medals of honor."

Artur Więzowski was also awarded during the seminar with the „Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® Komin Goshin Jutsu“ certificate, confirming the level of 7th Dan.

The seminar was also attended by „Goshin – Kan Jiu Jitsu“ Soke Pavel A. Nerč – the head of „Unia Ju Jitsu w Polsce“.

The seminar was attended by kids as well (for them there was organized a separate session). The best and most talented performed the daughter of immigrants from Chechnya - the little niece of Dudayev. During the war in Chechnya, their family was harbored by Poland.

During the sessions for adults, the "full contact" karate masters (including the champions of various levels) from „Karate Kyokushin“ school, policeman, firefighters-lifeguards, bodyguards analyzed and tried to master the unknown to them techniques of „Tenchi Bogyo Ryu“ ® school for stopping the attack and detention of criminals. Many of these things were shown for the first time to them.

We should note the enthusiasm and good preparation of the Bogdan and Artur students (special services officers), who during one seminar were able to absorb fairly the things that have been shown to them. In their statement, the seminar provided a lot of new knowledge, which is very useful for the safer service.

The seminar was led by the representatives of Lithuanian Traditional Ai Ki Do (Ai Ki Do-no Bu [military school]), including the President of the Federation, Grandmaster, „Tenchi Bogyo Ryu“ ® Soke, XII Dan, Vladimiras Lisicynas.

He was assisted by the International VII Dan Masters (international Dai Shihan (“Teacher of teachers”) level professors Giedrius Misevičius and Jurij Sokolov, as well as VI Dan level International Master Dmitrij Šarov.

Soke Vladimiras Lisicynas was awarded by the representatives of the National Polish Rescue Organization with the Order of “Honor Cross”, as well as the "Medal of Merit".

The organizers awarded the assistants of the head of the seminar with the certificates of Gratitude and with the black belts of II Dan Karate Kyokushin.


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