Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® seminar for English and Irish branches.


17-21 August 2012, Warrenpoint (UK).
Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® seminar for UK and Ireland branches.
First seminar for UK and Irish branches of our centre.

17-21 August 2012 in Warrenpoint (UK) was hosted the the International Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® AI KI DO seminar.

The instructor of the seminar - Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® SOKE (XII Dan) Vladimiras Lisicynas points out that Olegas Gajosinskas – the Master of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® VII Dan and leader of the club has done much for the development of “Tenchi Bogyo Ryu”®.

Vladimiras Lisicynas presents Olegas Gajosinskas with a second International Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® III Grade Honorary Order.

Now Olegas Gajosinskas is a Honorary Knight of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® IV and III Grade Orders.

The Seminar was attented by the clubs of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® :

- Traditional Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® Aikido

Shinken Shobu Dojo (Warrenpoint – UK),

-Traditional Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® Aikido

Shinken Shobu Ryu Dojo Shingi Kan (Dundalk-Ireland)

and the clubs of other martial arts: 

--Ki-Shin-Tai aikido - Sion Mills club

--Tomiki aikido - Lisburn club

--Vado Ryu Karate - Blackrock

--Hashi Judo club - Mayobridge

There was a huge interest…

This was the first seminar there when there were taught together the basics of the both theory and practice. It was a hard and fun work for everyone.


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