10th World Martial Arts Union General Meeting.


11-13 September 2012, South Korea.
10th World Martial Arts Union General Meeting.

The 11th World Martial Arts Festival, which was organized by the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), has finished the work in South Korea. The WoMAU is composed of more than 70 countries from around the world ...

Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation (LTAF) is an active member of the World Festivals in South Korea since 2000. On the basis of these festivals has grown WoMAU - World Martial Arts Union. LTAF in world festivals actively promotes the ethnic Lithuanian martial arts, Tenchi Bogyo Ryu (TBR) (including AI KI DO self-defense), militant part of the TBR – intended for police and special services.

Collective WoMAU Signatory - LTAF and Personal WoMAU Signatory - LTAF President, Grandmaster, SEI SOKE - XII Dan Vladimiras Lisicynas – in the seminar norganized by World Martial Arts Academy was represented by the Federation Vice President - Sensei Julija.

She presented to the WoMAU President Mr. Keun Uok Lee the top award of our martial arts school Tenchi Bogyo Ryu – the degree of "Komandor". The award was accepted with appreciation.

... activities of WoMAU and all of its members (including ) are long before patronised by UNESCO ...

During the visit, Sensei Julija met with other signatories and members of the General Assembly, participated in meetings with other signatories and leaders of the festival organizers. She was invited to the office of the oldest Korean martial arts school, met with other Grandmasters – patriarchs of the martial arts world.

LTAF has huge authority in the martial arts world, and our work in the development of the oldest martial arts school Tenchi Bogyo Ryu is highly appreciated.

In our school there are being studied 31 different types of AI KI DO for civilians: children (boys and girls), adults (men and women); 44 schools of varying "hardness" Tai Jutsu (body techniques); over 100 Jutsu schools at which are practiced different ancient Japanese weapons, as well as modern weapons; developed and promoted ethnic Lithuanian martial arts.

LTAF has started 25th anniversary year of work in Lithuania. A new, young and talented generation of masters is comming to the aid for older leaders.

Today, LTAF representatives are working in 39 countries around the world - clubs and federations, in the meantime only 305 black belts of the Tenchi Bogyo Ryu school. Soon there will be more.

During the anniversary year there will be a lot of exciting events. Follow our advertisements and participate in events.


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