Kyudo seminar-egzaminas.


18th August 2012, Paris (France).
Kyudo seminar – exam.

Kyudo (Jap. – the way of the bow) is a traditional shooting from a Japanese bow. This one of the oldest martial arts is one of the constituent parts of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu school. Kyudo strengthens the body, calms the mind, balances the emotions, develops concentration. Kyudo can be practiced as a martial art, as a sport, as a ceremony or as a path of personal development. And no matter which way you choose, they all have their main goal of achieving "shin-zen-bi" state - "truth-goodness-beauty".

In Lithuania this branch of martial arts started to be practiced not long ago.

16-17th July 2012 in Paris, the French capital, in the Jean Sarrailh University sports centre was held a Kyudo, i.e., archery, theoretical-practical workshop. The seminar was organized by the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) together with All Japan Kyudo Federation (ANKF). It was attended by 400 participants from various European countries. The seminar was conducted and examination commission were Japanese Kyudo masters: Ishikawa Takeo Sensei, Hanshi 9 Dan – the president of International Kyudo federation, Usami Yoshimitsu Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan – the director of International Kyudo federation, Iljima Masao Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan – the vice president of Tokyo Kyudo federation, Katoh Izuru Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan - the director of International Kyudo federation.

The main focus of the seminar was devoted to the preparation for the exam: the movement in the hall and the ceremony of the shot performance itself. At the successful conclusion of the workshop, the participants were given the appropriate certificates, allowing to take the exam of the desired Dan. The next day was held an exam for the Ist Dan. Each archer, in groups of five people, shot 2 arrows from a distance of 28m to the 36 cm diameter targets. In the martial art of Kyudo, the shot performance is no less important than accuracy, so only about 90% of the participants successfully completed the tasks.

The Kyudo exam was attended by 4 representatives from Lithuania. Among them were two members of our club too - Vladas Šakauskas and Vitalijus Bertašius. Two days at the intensive workshop, they went deep into the technical subtleties of Kyudo, and 18th July this year, successfully passed the exam to Ist Dan of Kyudo. We can also rejoice that the other 2 colleagues of Vlad and Vitalijus have passed successfully the exams of their level too. Currently, there are in Lithuania 5 first and 1 second Dan Kyudo masters. We sincerely congratulate and wish you continue to improve, seek new heights and to disseminate and popularize the sport, not only among the members of the club.

This article was prepared by Vitalijus Bertašius and Vladas Šakauskas.

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