“Specnaz Global” seminar.


19 – 22 April, 2012, Vilnius.
“Specnaz Global” seminar.
The leader of the seminar – Vladimiras Lisicynas.

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On April 19-22, was held an international seminar "Specnaz GLOBAL", which was attended by more than 20 martial arts masters. 15 well-trained representatives from Italy arrived to acquaint themselves with the principles of military training "Spetsnaz / Specnaz GLOBAL". Most of the participants of the seminar are training police officers at their homeland. At our school they are constantly acquiring knowledge, which is absent from the police in the West. The training was conducted by the Grand Master-General - the founder and president of the combat system "Tenchi Bogio Ryu" and "Specnaz Global", Vladimiras Lisicynas.

Among the arrivals to the seminar were: the President of the Italian federation "Spetsnaz Global" Emanuele Gesualdi (10 Dan "Krav Maga", 10 Dan "Close Combat", Master Teacher "Spetsnaz / Specnaz GLOBAL"), he is also the President of the Italian federation "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu "- (6th Dan, Shihan), Claudio Artusi - President of the World Federation of Black Belts, the Honorary President of the Italian Federation "Spetsnaz Global" (Master-Teacher - General), he is also the Honorary President of the Italian federation "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" (during the seminar Vladimiras Lisicynas presented him a 9th Dan and Menkyo KAIDEN). Participated as well Roberto Folli – the President of Florence (Italy) Academy of Self-defense (7th Dan Karate).

Guests had been mastering the wisdom of the system, with emphasis on the following key points:

  • perception of the armed attacker as an enemy;
  • rapid and optimal disarming of an armed attacker;
  • teamwork in the disarming of the group of aggressive persons;
  • theoretical foundations of the system of training.

At the end of the seminar during the exam, all participants demonstrated a good level of understanding of the acquired knowledge and its practical application. All participants of the seminar were presented with diplomas and certificates indicating their level of training.

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