Seminar of Hakko Ryu


18 – 22 April, 2012, Vilnius.
Seminar of Hakko Ryu
The leader of the seminar – Claudio Artusi

On April 18 - 22, this year in Vilnius, in the LTAF centre was held a seminar of Hakko Ryu system. The seminar was leaded by a Grand Master of the “Hakko Ryu Shihan Kaiden” level Claudio Artusi – who has the highest qualification after main head (SOKE) of the Hakko Ryu school – 9th Dan, International Master-Teacher SHIHAN KAIDEN.

SHIHAN-KAIDEN literally means “passed EVERYTHING” – it is the Highest title among the International Masters. Claudio Artusi is one of the best western experts in the history of Japanese martial arts.

The school "Hakko Ryu" was formed in 1941, one year ahead of aikido by Ueshiba. The school "Hakko Ryu" is the connection of Two Schools: "Sokaku Takeda Daito Ryu aikijujutsu" and "Karate Do Setokan Ryu" by Master Gitin Funakoshi.

At the same time Claudio Artusi is the Honorary President of the Italian Federation of our school "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu", which is patented in Japan, USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

For his large contribution to the propagation of "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" in Europe and for his knowledge, Vladimiras Lisicynas awarded Claudio Artusi the certificate "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" "Menkyo Kaiden" and 9th Dan of the modern civilian school "Komin Gendai aikido", which is included in the school "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" Ju Jitsu.

Vladimiras Lisicynas was awarded the Japanese certificate "Hakko Ryu Meijin" by the International Organization "Hakko Ryu". This top certificate is awarded to those who work continuously not less than 50 years with the programs of their school ... (Vladimiras Lisicynas has been engaged in it already for 61 years).

Claudio Artusi was assisted by his deputy Rossano Fornassiero.

The seminar has ended on Sunday in Vilnius, but continued to LTAF branch in Alytus.

Each seminar of Claudio Artusi - this is for members LFTA always acquiring new knowledge. So was also this time - at the end of the seminar was conducted an exam, which was attended by the members of LTAF. The results of examinations - new levels in the school "Hakko Ryu":

  • Viktor Boiko - III Dan Hakko Ryu
  • Jonas Baliutis - III Dan Hakko Ryu
  • Giedrius Misevicius - III Dan Hakko Ryu
  • Virgis Zalensas - III Dan Hakko Ryu
  • Svetlana Medelian - I Dan Hakko Ryu
  • Genadijus Michnevicius - I Dan Hakko Ryu

Guests of the Lithuanian traditional ai ki do Federation had exams, too, but according to the program of the "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" school and received certificates from the 1st to 6th Dan.

Now the number of Black Belts in school "Tenchi Bogyo Ryu" has grown to 290 (on April 22, 2012).


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