2008.06.20...23 - Participants of a Seminar.

20-23 June 2008, Italy.
„Specnaz Global" seminar in Italy.
Seminar instructor Vladimiras Lisicynas

2008.04.11...13 - Seminar of V. Lisicynasa in Vilnius.

11-13 April 2008, Vilnius.
Seminar of V. Lisicynas in Vilnius.

2008.04.11...13 - Hakko Ryu Jujitsu seminar.

11-13 April 2008, Vilnius.
Hakko Ryu Jujitsu seminar.
Shihan Claudio Artusi.

2008.03.14...17 - Seminar by 'Specznaz Global' program

14-17 March 2008, Italy

„Specnaz Global" seminar
Seminar instructor Vladimiras Lisicynas

In the Academy of Extreme Self-Defence by World Security and Research Alliance the independent faculty for the antiterrorist „Specnaz Global“ programme was established. The faculty teaches the antiterrorism instructors from special antiterrorist forces, the officers from special police and army forces, and the martial arts masters.

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