1 - 4 December 2011, Italy, Venice and Florence
Seminar at the Academy of self-defense in Florence.

1 - 4 December 2011 in Italy (Venice and Florence) were held the seminars according to the program of the ancient* martial arts school “Tenchi Bogyo Ryu” ® „hard“ part - anti-criminal system “Specnaz/Spetsnaz GLOBAL”®.

Seminar in Wadowice.

2011.11.05...06 - Wadowice

2-5 November 2011, Poland, Wadowice.
Seminar in Wadowice.

2-5 November 2011 in town Wadowice in Poland, not far from Cracow, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs organised a practical seminar for workers of frontier, customs and prisons services. Seminar was organised as a festival of various martial arts styles. 

2011.09.30 - 10 WoMAU

30 August, 2011, South Korea.
10th WoMAU conference in South Korea.

Seminar in Cracow.

26 - 27 February 2011, Poland, Cracow.
Seminar in Cracow.

The seminar in Cracow (Poland, 26-27/2/2011) is the first seminar in this country, to which representatives of Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation, Traditional Aikido Center in Vilnius were invited.

Up untill now most of Poles (our friends from Aikido Aikikai) looked at us only as a possible source of income.

2010.09.30..2010.10.02 - The 9th World Martial Arts General Meeting

30 september - 2 october 2010, South Korea, Junghju.
The 9th World Martial Arts General Meeting.


Inf. LTAF 

The schedule of Seminars on 2010

of Anticriminal, Antiterrorist Systems

of preparation of   police and  special services of protection and personal safety “Spetsnaz / Specnaz Global”®

Ju Jitsu seminar.

2010.01.28...31 - Mr. Giakomo Spartako Bertoletti.

Janjuary 28 - 31, 2010, Vilnius.
Ju Jitsu seminar.
Chief of the seminar Mr. Giakomo Spartako Bertoletti .


Kyudo Seminar

2009.10.16...18 - Kyudo Seminar

October 16, 2009, Vilnius
Kyudo seminar

Feliks F. Hoff, Kyudo Kyoshi 6 Dan and Connie Brandl-Hoff, Kyudo Renshi 5 Dan

Enshin Ryu seminar.

2008.11.28...30 - Enshin Ryu seminar.

28-30 November 2008, Vilnius.
Chief of the seminar Mr. Giakomo Spartako Bertoletti

2008.10.02...10 - World martial arts festival in South Korea.

2-10 November 2008, South Korea, Junghju.
World Martial Arts Festival in South Korea 2008.
Junghju - 2008.

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