TBR seminar in Italy.


01-02 June 2013, Italy.
TBR seminar in Italy.
Seminar by TBR program.






13-14 October 2012, Poland.
The seminar of Traditional AI KI DO-no BU Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® school.
Seminar in Poland.

The seminar was organized by the Polish „Karate Budokai“ - „Polska Federacja Instytut Budokai Karate“ federation leaders: Grandmaster Soke Bogdan Puczynski and Grandmaster Shihan Artur Więzowski.


11-13 September 2012, South Korea.
10th World Martial Arts Union General Meeting.

The 11th World Martial Arts Festival, which was organized by the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), has finished the work in South Korea. The WoMAU is composed of more than 70 countries from around the world ...


17 – 21 August 2012, Warrenpoint (UK)
Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® World Centre first contest in UK.
First contest in UK by Tenchi Bogyo Ryu system.

17-21 August 2012 in Warrenpoint (UK), was held the International European Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® competition (Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® Kokusai Sodatsusen):


17-21 August 2012, Warrenpoint (UK).
Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® seminar for UK and Ireland branches.
First seminar for UK and Irish branches of our centre.

17-21 August 2012 in Warrenpoint (UK) was hosted the the International Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® AI KI DO seminar.

The instructor of the seminar - Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® SOKE (XII Dan) Vladimiras Lisicynas points out that Olegas Gajosinskas – the Master of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® VII Dan and leader of the club has done much for the development of “Tenchi Bogyo Ryu”®.


19-20 August 2012, Warrenpoint (UK).
“Spetsnaz/Specnaz Global”® seminar in UK.
First seminar in UK.

For several years, in the British Islands happily exist branches of Vilnius traditional AIKIDO self-defense Tenchi Bogyo Ryu ® world centre:

- Traditional Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® Aikido Shinken Shobu Dojo (Warrenpoint – United Kingdom),
- Traditional Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® Aikido Shinken Shobu Ryu Dojo Shingi Kan (Dundalk-Ireland)


18th August 2012, Paris (France).
Kyudo seminar – exam.


19 – 22 April, 2012, Vilnius.
“Specnaz Global” seminar.
The leader of the seminar – Vladimiras Lisicynas.

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Seminar of Hakko Ryu


18 – 22 April, 2012, Vilnius.
Seminar of Hakko Ryu
The leader of the seminar – Claudio Artusi

On April 18 - 22, this year in Vilnius, in the LTAF centre was held a seminar of Hakko Ryu system. The seminar was leaded by a Grand Master of the “Hakko Ryu Shihan Kaiden” level Claudio Artusi – who has the highest qualification after main head (SOKE) of the Hakko Ryu school – 9th Dan, International Master-Teacher SHIHAN KAIDEN.


12-14 Janjuary 2012, Vilnius.
International  seminar „Specnaz Global".
Chief of the Seminar Vladimiras Lisicynas.

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