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Enshin Ryu seminar.

2008.11.28...30 - Enshin Ryu seminar.

28-30 November 2008, Vilnius.
Chief of the seminar Mr. Giakomo Spartako Bertoletti

More than one hundred martial arts enthusiasts participated at the G.S.Bertoletti’s seminar. The guest was surprised by a lot of young people who had come to learn from him. Sixty seven years old G.S.Bertoletti, who publishes several magazines in Italy, has told: „I have been teaching Lithuanians to practice with wooden swords and sticks. Although we have worked six hours a day, I still had too little time to demonstrate everything. The participants were very interested, especially the young ones. It is very strange because the young people usually are more interested in football, for example, or spending a weekend at a club." G.S.Bertoletti also mentioned the good impressions Lithuanians have made on him: „Lithuanians are talented students and their bodies are stronger than the bodies of the people from Southern countries. It felt good to work with Lithuanians, all people have left satisfied". G.S.Bertoletti practices martial arts since he was 12 years old.


G.S.Bertoletti has a lot of connections with various martial arts federations in the world and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He believes that in the future the program of the Olympic Games might change and some combat sport will be added to the official program. According to G.S.Bertoletti, the most probable candidate is karate. However, the likelihood that karate will make its debut in year 2016 is not very big. Golf and rugby have better chances.

„It is likely, that one or two new sports will be added to the Olympic Games. Karate is popular in the word, but it does not have enough media support which is very important. Media, especially TV, gives a lot of attention to rugby. Golf has a lot of support, also. It is played by millions in the world. Huge money is invested there. Thus, it will be difficult for karate to make the way to the Olympic Games. I don't think that the IOC would prefer more combat sports. By the way, some time ago the IOC was thinking about the possibility to join the free-style wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. Besides, karate is quite similar to taekwondo, so, I think that Koreans would not be very happy if karate would be at the Olympic Games" - said G. S. Bertoletti.


The Italian, who was awarded the medal by the Department of Sport and Physical Culture(of Lithuania-) two years ago, emphasizes that the martial arts styles which would like to get more popularity, attention, and the recognition from the IOC must make their rules simpler. It is the only way how combat sports, like karate, could become more attractive.

Actually, G.S.Bertoletti is critical of the idea to include martial arts schools into the world of the sport: „People from the West have invented sport that is simple as ‘two plus two’, but Eastern martial arts are very complicated. I do not support the idea of transforming the martial arts into sport, because the sport destroys the traditions, the spirit. Now get various kinds of categories and belts, it seems, however, that the belt for them holds only their pants".

G. S. Bertoletti also mentioned that the sport is just a little part of the martial arts. „I understand that sport is very important in getting popularity, especially for the young people, but it ignores other things. Athletes are trying to grow bigger muscles, but they are not trying to understand the martial art technique or its philosophy. That is why for me judo started to look like sumo", finished his talk G.S.Bertoletti.


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