"Specnaz Global" Seminar

2008.03.14...17 - Seminar by 'Specznaz Global' program

14-17 March 2008, Italy

„Specnaz Global" seminar
Seminar instructor Vladimiras Lisicynas

In the Academy of Extreme Self-Defence by World Security and Research Alliance the independent faculty for the antiterrorist „Specnaz Global“ programme was established. The faculty teaches the antiterrorism instructors from special antiterrorist forces, the officers from special police and army forces, and the martial arts masters.

Grand Master Vladimiras Lisicynas, the founder of the antiterrorist school “Specnaz Global” and the Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation, became the dean of the faculty. The Master-Teacher Viktor Boiko and the future head of the Total Combat Laboratory Master-Teacher Aleksandr Nesvat will become the first senior lectures of the applied self-defence. Most probably, Master Jurij Sokolov and Master Giedrius Misevičius will become the lectures at this department. The position of the senior assistant will be given to Gintas Gumbys. All teachers are from Vilnius.

On March 15-16, 2008, in the picturesque Apennines mountains the first seminar of the new faculty took place. 42 people, the first students of the faculty, participated. Among them – the members of military forces, marines, carabineer officers, martial arts masters – all who expressed their desire to become the qualified antiterrorism instructors and masters.

The seminar was led by the "Specnaz Global" programme and faculty founder Vladimiras Lisicynas. He was assisted by senior lecturer of the faculty and the vice-president of Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation Viktor Boiko. The seminar participants acquired the basic skills, some got the experienced the intermediary practice. This kind seminar is not the first organized in Italy. Before the opening of the faculty already a few seminar were organized on this topic. The most active participants of the seminars, the officers of the special forces, always expressed the same opinion: “Specnaz Global” programme is important and absolutely necessary preparing for the combat practice. Considering the fact that many of them have been in Afghanistan or Iraq these statements must be valid. This reputation allowed establishing the “Specnaz Global” faculty at the Academy of Extreme Self-Defence by World Security and Research Alliance.

It is not an accident that the Centre of the Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation was chosen. Already 50 years the President of the Federation, Grand Master Vladimiras Lisicynas is practising and more than 45 years is teaching not only “soft” self-defence of traditional aikido, but also the “hard” self-defence. The skills acquired then working at the elite special forces V.Lisicynas is applying already for long time in Lithuania. During the 20 years of teaching in Lithuania he organised 26 seminars for police instructors. In 1988 – 1993 using the programme designed by Grand Master the members of Lithuanian Activist Front (LAF) were trained. At that time (before the restoration of Lithuanian independence and during the first years of independence) it helped to avoid the unnecessary bloodshed. Later, the members of LAF became part of Lithuanian army and police.

Even now not only civilians, but also the representatives of Lithuanian policy and army and their children are training in the Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation dojos. Here the both “soft” and applied methodical systems are actively created. The scope of the research is broad. During the last two years two international patents from Asia, the US, the EU and even Africa were received. The old traditional Lithuanian system “Savigyna” was patented in Lithuania. Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation is the only martial arts federation in Lithuania with several branches and representatives abroad.

Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Federation celebrates its anniversary servicing all humanity. The establishment of the “Specnaz Global” faculty at the Academy of Extreme Self-Defence is yet another confirmation of this effort.


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