About the center

The history of the center begins in 1988. There are currently more than 350 active members from 7 to 70 years old. There are 9 training halls (dojos). There are branches in Alytus, Anikscai and other Lithuanian cities.

The founder and the head of the center is Vladimiras Lisicynas, professor of martial arts, Shihan (the chief instructor, the Master teacher). Lisicynas-sensei has more than 45 years of experience (since 1958) in the fighting arts based on Aikido.

Classes are instructed by the Shihan (the Master teacher), the Yudansha Sensei (black belt level teachers) and Sempai (senior members), the Dai-sempai (high senior members) and Yudansha candidates.

By means of advanced methods and techniques a multitude of Japanese martial arts are taught, such as: Aikido, Aiki-ju-jutsu, Aiki-ken-jutsu, Iaido; weapon techniques with swords (Iai-to, Katana, Bokken), knives (tanto), sticks (jo), staves (tambo-jo, hambo-jo), spears (bo), etc.

Students are taught both hard and soft methods of techniques’ execution.

The training program gives an opportunity to master self-defense against traditional (blades and blunt arms) and modern weapons such as firearms.

The center offers practical courses for law enforcement officers on disarmament, apprehension, arrest and escorting techniques.

The study program allows the students’ to develop their skills in meditation, relaxation, self-control, massage as well as first aid and reanimation in field conditions.

The center also offers courses on philosophy, psychology, history and ethics of fighting and traditional Eastern arts.

Besides trainings and lectures, members of the club have a regular opportunity to take part in seminars given by renowned masters from Lithuania, and abroad.

The center itself regularly sends delegations abroad to participate in international festivals, demonstrations and seminars.

The center welcomes attendance by the entire family and offers regular family classes.

The disabled have a chance to study self-defense techniques at the center free of charge.

In the center, representatives of the different countries of Europe and pupils of renowned masters of Aikido are constantly engaged in training.

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