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Now Japan 2011 (14)

Seminar at the Academy of self-defense in Florence.


1 - 4 December 2011, Italy, Venice and Florence
Seminar at the Academy of self-defense in Florence.

1 - 4 December 2011 in Italy (Venice and Florence) were held the seminars according to the program of the ancient* martial arts school “Tenchi Bogyo Ryu” ® „hard“ part - anti-criminal system “Specnaz/Spetsnaz GLOBAL”®.

Up untill MEIJI (Meidzi – or even more correctly Meizi) revolution in year 1868 – 1869 Aiki Bu-no Jutsu (HATAMOTO - system of the preparation of security and guards of japanese imperator's palace) base consisted of TAKEDA clan school DAI-TO (Great East) RYU knowledge about DAI-TO RYU AIDZU TODOME – (AIDZU TODOME – the art of the termination of combat).

During MEIJI revolution samurai, who supported BAKUFU - the government of the shot-up military dictatorship - brought unique archives (including DAI-TO RYU AIDZU TODOME) from Japan.

Aiki Bu-no Jutsu (including AIDZU TODOME) fundamentals and rules became a basis for the legendary Soviet counterintelligence system of the front SMERSH (short from russian - "death to spies"). Fascist ABWER (military intelligence) agents were only learning what japanese SOKAKU TAKEDA DAITO RYU instructors-masters could offer to them. That was only 10 – 15 percent of the knowledge, which was used by SMERSH. It was the reason of defeat of fascist spies and diversionists in combat with SMERSH.

After the war SMERSH was not disbanded. It was hidden to the very depths of strategic special services of USSR. Now it is not a secret, that SMERSH performed a special role in the development of MOSSAD – military intelligence of Israel. All Prime Ministers of Israel, including Gold Meir and Sharon, were prepared not in KRAV MAGA, but in SMERSH...

In Italy first time the techniques of the work with weapon (pistol) according to the “Specnaz/Spetsnaz GLOBAL” ® / SMERSH system were demonstrated openly.

Human brains during a moment of pistol's trigger's press process and evaluate up to 17 trillion 902 milliard 80 thousand combinations of external factors, which influence accurateness of the shot. The influence of some factors was reviewed during seminars, in which alongside instructors participated ordinary KARABINERO – man and woman, serving in the italian subdivision, which is the analogue of the lithuanian anti-terrorist subdivision ARAS.

The participants of the seminar got familiar with some techniques of defence against knife attack as well. Here the ancient japanese techniques ensure an indisputable advantage against KRAV MAGA / KAPAP amd other ancient and modern combat styles. 

The seminars were led by Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® SEI SOKE XII Dan Vladimiras Lisicynas. Separate trainings with less prepared participants (below instructor level) were led by Shihan VI Dan Giedrius Misevičius.

After the seminar ended, the mayor of town FIRENZE organized an impressive reception to honour the organizers and directors of the seminar.

V. Lisicinas awarded to the organizer of seminar “Specnaz/Spetsnaz GLOBAL”® in Italy General Consul Claudio Artusi the degree of General and Grand Master of anti-criminal, anti-terrorist system “Specnaz/Spetsnaz GLOBAL”®, and presented certificates to the participants of the general seminar and the seminar, dedicated to instructors.

*ancient – becouse the basis of knowledge of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu® school consists of the knowledge of many ancient japanese schools.

This knowledge was gathered for centuries in the whole Japan in order to create an invincible guard and defence of japanese imperator and the government of japanese military dictatorship (BAKUFU).

Martial arts start their history, if excluding purely mythical events of the book KOJIKI (Kodziki), in 230 B.C. in a japanese province IDZUMO. The ancient tractate NIHONGI describes a history of a fight between NOMI-no SUKUNE and some KEHAI from TAJIMA (Tadzima) region. Back then it was called SUMO – any weaponless combat. Sumo (in chinese it is called SIANPU) passed to Japan from the chinese province Czilinj village Czianj.


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