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Now Japan 2011 (14)

Seminar in Wadowice.

2011.11.05...06 - Wadowice

2-5 November 2011, Poland, Wadowice.
Seminar in Wadowice.

2-5 November 2011 in town Wadowice in Poland, not far from Cracow, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs organised a practical seminar for workers of frontier, customs and prisons services. Seminar was organised as a festival of various martial arts styles. 

As honorary members were invited „Tenchi Bogyo Ryu“® Soke, Grandmaster – world anticriminal – antiterrorist organisation „Specnaz Global“® chief Vladimiras Lisicynas and International „Specnaz Global“® master Giedrius Misevičius from Vilnius, as well as Soke 10 Dan Philippe Floch (France; did not arrive to seminar).

Wadowice is a home town to the former Pope John Paul II.

Due to this reason the organisers of festival arranged for representatives of Lithuania an interesting excursion to places, related to former Pope John Paul II.

Seminar was attended by approximately 200 workers of Polish special purpose services. Among the leaders of training sessions were distinguished Masters from Poland: Grzegorz Krauze (10 Dan, Soke Shaolin Kempo), Krzysztof Pitlak (10 Dan, Soke Yama Ryu), Miroslaw Kushwik (10 Dan, Soke), Zoran Jočič (10 Dan Ju Aikido Martial Arts), Marek Rudzki (10 Dan, Soke Goshin Ryu) and other masters.

The course of seminar was very closely monitored by highest members of Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is interesting to note, that already next day after seminar ended, organisers of seminar received 156 requests to their e-mail, asking to organise next time a special seminar according to „Specnaz Global“® programs, leaded by Grandmaster Vladimiras Lisicynas and his assistants. We were informed about it by Mr. Martin Kryn – the principal manager of the seminar. The management of Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs entrusted him to organise a separate purposive „Specnaz Global“® seminar. Seminar will be held in a district of Warsaw. We have already received a specific invitation from the Polish side. The Poles are very interested in the techniques of Soviet special forces SMERSH ("death to spies"; translated from russian).


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