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World Martial Arts Festival in South Korea 2008.

2008.10.02...10 - World martial arts festival in South Korea.

2-10 November 2008, South Korea, Junghju.
World Martial Arts Festival in South Korea 2008.
Junghju - 2008.

November 2-10, 2008 in South  Korea the World Martial Arts Festival took place. Already organized not for the first time the event became the world celebration uniting various world-level martial artists. Each martial art which considers the defense, growth and maturity of the human being as the priority is unique, each having its own peculiarities. Thus the World Martial Arts Festival is the great opportunity to see the different martial art cultures and their characteristics.

The opening ceremony on November 2 began the festival with the march of several thousand participants, carnival and the magnificent fireworks. During the ceremony the participating countries and their delegates were introduced. The Lithuanian team lead by V.Lisicynas represented the system “Lietuvos savigyna” (“Lithuanian self-defense”).

Each day of the festival was full of new experiences and discoveries. The different styles of martial arts were presented, the seminars and the demonstrations took place. The seminars were attended  by various people interested in martial arts, both the participants and the spectators. Evenings of the festival were marked by the meetings with organizers of the event and the prominent individuals of the city.

The intensive schedule notwithstanding the Lithuanian team had the possibility to get acquainted more closely with this exotic country: they visited Buddha temple, historical monuments of the city, art galleries, sculpture parks, and found the time to enjoy nature and architecture of the region.

On November 10  all participants gathered together for the last time during the closing ceremony of the festival on the stage to say once again: “See you next year, Junghju!”


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